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Chipped tooth repair Cincinnati

What causes chipped and broken teeth At Patel and Dornhecker Dentistry, patients in and around the community of Cincinnati, OH have options when it comes to chipped tooth repair. At any point in time, the unexpected can happen. Damage can occur to the teeth and gums and require immediate assistance by a dedicated dental professional. Chipped and broken tooth repair is just a phone call away!

What causes chipped and broken teeth?

There are three common situations that can result in broken teeth, including:
  • Trauma
  • Weakened teeth
  • Chewing hard objects (ice, etc.)
As soon as a tooth has become chipped, it may be exposed to a variety of problems, so immediate care is often required. A chipped tooth can also be sharp and cut soft tissues in the mouth including the tongue and cheek. When patients have experienced a chipped or broken tooth, they are urged to contact the team of Patel and Dornhecker Dentistry to discuss their options, which may include composite resin bonding or the placement of dental crowns.

Which treatment is right for me?

For patients who are experiencing a chip, crack, or other type of breakage on their back teeth, such as the molars, they may be required to have a dental crown placed over the top of the tooth to offer an extra layer of protection. Crowns are durable and strong and can withstand the chewing and biting forces required for the teeth within the smile. However, if patients have a chip on an anterior tooth, or any of the teeth near the front of the smile, composite resin bonding should work well. This is a special material that resembles a clay-like function as it can be placed on the tooth, shaped in place, solidified, and polished to match the natural tooth structure and restore the appearance and function of the natural tooth. Both treatment options are available at our practice, and our dental team can assess the smile and determine the best possible treatment for one’s specific and unique needs.

Ready to work with a team of professionals to restore your smile?

Contact Drs. Jesal Patel and Shawn Dornhecker today at Patel and Dornhecker Dentistry to discuss your options for chipped tooth repair. Our Cincinnati-based practice offers facilities in both Fairfield and Bridgetown for convenient care. Call our Fairfield office at (513) 815-3166 to schedule your consultation visit to discuss chipped tooth repair, cost, and options.

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