Dental Technology at Patel and Dornhecker Dentistry

Dental Technology, Patel and Dornhecker Dentistry

Here is a peek at some of the contemporary instrumentation we use to deliver top quality dental care. These technologies contribute to accurate diagnoses, excellent treatment results, and overall positive patient experiences.

Intraoral camera

This leading-edge diagnostic tool gives the dentist a panoramic view of the mouth, from many angles. Images are projected onto a computer monitor, so patients also have a first-hand look. This technique takes much of the guesswork out of diagnosis. The pictures are extremely helpful in gaining treatment approval from insurance companies and allows for patients to properly be educated on the status of their mouths.

Digital x-rays

This fast, comfortable method exposes the patient to 80 percent less radiation than traditional dental x-rays. Amazingly clear, high resolution images are available immediately. A robust photo manipulation program allows the dentist to get a clear look at teeth and surrounding oral structures. Images are viewed on a computer monitor, helping the patient understand conditions and treatment options. Digital files can also be shared easily with other practitioners for integrated healthcare.

ViziLite Plus

Our dentists use this five-minute fluorescent light test to spot abnormal tissues in mucous membranes inside the mouth and throat. With this level of early detection, treatment of premalignant lesions is less invasive with a high success rate. Screening is essential for all patients, since 25 percent of oral cancers occur in those who do not smoke or have high lifestyle risk factors. Both Dr. Patel and Dr. Dornhecker are ViziLite Plus providers.

Electric handpieces

A handpiece is the instrument used by the hygienist or dentist to hold and power various attachments. A handpiece may be air-driven or electric. Electric motors power our handpieces, providing more powerful spin than air can deliver. This allows the dentist to remove decayed or damaged tooth structure faster, reducing treatment time for the patient. Plus, noise and vibration is virtually eliminated.

Rotary endodontics

This adjunct to our electric handpieces makes root canal therapy faster and more precise than using traditional manual metal files. The instrument allows the dentist to remove diseased pulp, blood vessels, and nerves from tiny canals inside tooth roots. Even deep and curved roots can be treated efficiently and reliably.

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