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Bite Guards

Bite Guards Cincinnati Bruxism is the medical term for clenching and grinding teeth, especially during sleep. It can trigger TMJ disorders and headaches. Eventually, bruxism causes teeth to wear down, crack, and break. Cincinnati and Fairfield Township patients of Dr. Jesal Patel and Dr. Shawn Dornhecker find relief in custom fit bite guards.

What is a bite guard?

A bite guard is a small device created from dental impressions, to fit your mouth exactly. The bite guard is fabricated from strong, transparent plastic. A dentist-made bite guard is thin, because the fit is precise and the appliance is not intended to cushion blunt force trauma (as a sports mouthguard is). Wearing the appliance at night protects teeth from strong vertical forces of clenching. It also reduces pressure on jaw joints.

Better than off the shelf

Many people try a generic or “boil and bite” guard from their local drug store first, because of low price. Most are quickly disappointed.

A custom-made bite guard has these advantages:
  • Comfortable. It doesn’t rub sore spots, so you don’t mind wearing it.
  • Convenient. You can breathe normally, speak, and drink water with it inserted.
  • Effective. It fits snugly, for optimal results. Thickness at the contact point of the upper and lower arch is individualized to your bite force.
  • Durable. Medical grade materials are long-lasting, making the appliance cost effective over the long term. Our bite guards typically last up to five years.
  • Easy care. Our hygiene team shows you how to keep your bite guard fresh and clean.
  • Daytime option. We can also create an ultra-thin bite guard to protect teeth from bruxing during the day. This type of guard is lightweight and barely noticeable.
Bruxism puts your teeth and comfort at risk. Schedule an appointment at Drs. Patel and Dornhecker Dentistry for relief. In Fairfield (513) 815-3166, and in Bridgetown (513) 815-3188.

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