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Patients in Cheviot discover treatment options for how to repair a broken tooth

How to Repair A Broken Tooth in Cheviot area

Having a broken tooth is not fun and is not part of anyone’s plan. A fractured, chipped, or cracked tooth not only detracts from your smile’s appearance, but also can cause cuts inside the mouth, pain, and problems eating or speaking. Depending on the depth of the problem, there may be more than one solution on how to repair a broken tooth. Patients in Cheviot can turn to Drs. Jesal Patel and Shawn Dornhecker who have office locations in Fairfield and Bridgetown. How a broken tooth occurs Even with the best intentions, the unexpected can occur. Trauma can happen to … Continue reading

Can dental veneers in Bridgetown create a perfect smile?

In Bridgetown area Veneers Create a Perfect Smile

It can help you make a great first impression, create a more professional appearance, increase your attractiveness to potential romantic partners, and most importantly, it makes you feel great about yourself. It seems as if every movie star has one, but they are elusive in real life. Of course, we are talking about the perfect smile, with straight, bright, uniformly shaped teeth and that extra “wow factor.” What is the stars’ secret? The answer is cosmetic dentistry, often porcelain veneers – and they are available from  Patel and Dornhecker Dentistry in Bridgetown and Fairfield. What are dental veneers? Veneers, as the … Continue reading

Cincinnati area dentist explains the importance of good dental health care

Importance of Good Dental Health Care in Cincinnati area

Visiting the dentist twice a year can seem like a hassle, but it’s extremely important. These appointments do more than just check on your dental health and keep your smile looking good. Routine dental care can tell a lot about your overall wellness and are a vital part of staying healthy. There has been a lot of research that suggests a strong connection between the health of the mouth and overall health.  Individuals with poor oral health tend to have other chronic or serious health conditions that can impact the quality of life. If you are in the Cincinnati, OH … Continue reading

Patients near Cheviot ask, “What is dental bonding for your teeth?”

Dental Bonding for Your Teeth Near Cheviot area

Drs. Jesal Patel and Shawn Dornhecker offer comprehensive general, cosmetic, and restorative dental care for patients near Cheviot and the surrounding areas. Quality dental care improves and maintains a patient’s oral health and quality of life. No one has perfect teeth. The aging process, lack of proper dental hygiene, and previous trauma can affect the way the teeth look and perform. Thankfully, there are many dental procedures such as dental bonding for your teeth to improve their appearance and function. What is dental bonding? Dental bonding is a treatment that restores or corrects imperfections in the teeth. This can include … Continue reading

Dentists in Cincinnati explains how to improve your dental health with comprehensive care

Brushing and flossing for dental treatments

Finding a dental provider can seem like a daunting task. You want a qualified provider who works with you to keep your smile beautiful. If you are searching for dentists in Cincinnati who explain how to improve your dental health, look no further than Drs. Jesal Patel and Shawn Dornhecker. Drs. Patel and Dornhecker offer high quality comprehensive dental care. Part of this care includes educating patients on proper home care to keep their teeth, gums, and mouths healthy. How to improve your dental health A healthy mouth requires a joint effort between the patient, dentist, and hygienist. This team … Continue reading

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