• Dentist Cheviot

  • For Cheviot family dentistry the only place to go is Dr. Dornhecker and Patel. Their office is located on Crookshank Rd in Western Hills. They also have an office in Fairfield just off Tylersville Rd. in Fairfield.

    Dentist CheviotRegardless of your needs, Dr. Dornhecker and Patel can meet your family’s needs. If you need teeth whitening or crowns or even veneers Drs. Dornhecker and Patel and their friendly, caring staff are ready to assist you with your family’s dental needs.

    The patients at Dornhecker and Patel are so happy with their services that they often leave reviews complimenting the doctors and the staff for their excellent care. If you are in need of any type of dental work in the Cheviot area, please call Dr. Dornhecker and Patel.